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After several years of selling and working with traditional business systems (ERP) and realizing its limitations, the idea of ​​using new web technologies together with our experiences from business systems to create a modern platform for administering and posting trading business started to grow.

The result was BeX® Online which was launched in 2011 together with our own BeX® POS. Cooperation was started with e-commerce partners in order to offer a complete Omni channel solution. The products BeX Online, Bex Retail and BeX Api are all included in this.

Our Products


BeX Online

BeX® Online is a modern and complete web-based retail- and business system that is offered as a service in the cloud.

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BeX Retail

BeX® Retail – an intelligent store system and POS system for an easy and secure management.

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BeX® API makes it possible for all types of systems to connect. Filled with examples and documentation.

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Example of Create Reservation. This is used to reserve an amount on a voucher.
Helpful in the scenario between applying the giftcard to the shopping cart and when they actually make the order.

POST /api/Bonus/CreateReservation

"code": "CERT10138210",
"currency": "SEK",
"amount": 500.00

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Jonathan Soderberg

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